UPDATE: In 2019 I made a career transition and now work in the costume team across film and TV productions.

Hello, I’m Sally Hodgson and since 2010 I’ve been freelancing within the film and creative industries. I work with distributors, agencies and organisations, online platforms, film directors and producers and events and festivals on audience development, marketing, distribution, project management and production.
Prior to going freelance I spent seven years at EM Media, the first of the Regional Screen Agencies to launch a specialised film production fund. The films co-financed through the agency won five BAFTAs, three Scottish BAFTAs, ten British Independent Film Awards and three Michael Powell Awards.
In 2010 I started working with filmmakers who were interested in exploring and exploiting opportunities to do things independently and with innovation, leading me to become recognised as the UK’s first Producer of Marketing & Distribution. Since then I’ve released films theatrically, brokered broadcast sales, built grassroot audiences and run successful audience engagement campaigns.
I’ve also been a filmmaker mentor and I regularly speak on topics such as crowdfunding, independent film distribution and audience development at film industry events and training courses. I’ve done a bit of producing too – mainly music videos and corporate films.
Approved to distribute films in the UK supported through the Canada Media Fund.