NG83 When We Were B Boys

Five former breakdancers reflect on their youthful rites of passage through the vibrant UK Hip Hop scene of the early 1980s and how it allowed them to escape the confines of life on inner city council estates. As the wild energy of the scene burned out their adolescent dreams met the realities of adulthood. But the scene had a lasting legacy on their lives – once a B Boy, always a B Boy… and then a tragic event gives them an unexpected chance to recapture the past.

Previously unseen archive footage shines the light on a forgotten era in British youth culture in this humorous and poignant character-driven documentary.

“Life affirming and moving.” VICE

“NG83: When We Were B Boys is about passion overcoming the impossible. You just don’t get this kind of sh*t anymore.”
Jason Williamson, Sleaford Mods

“You realise when you look back how Hip Hop came from America and changed this country. I think there’s something beautiful about those times.” Goldie


Directed by Claude Knight, Luke Scott and Sam Derby-Cooper (NG83 Productions).
Best Documentary – Hip Hop Film Festival NYC.

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